Left’s Orwellian Censorship Campaign

I have been trying to figure out why it is that the Repub leadership does not confront libtards when they behave like ill-mannered teenagers. Why is the response from the ‘conservative’ media  “well your guy said…”? Does that put the mouth breathers in their place?  No, of course not. All it manages to do is give them the opportunity to say ‘cry babies’ and pretend that they are in the right.

Since there are very few in the media with the balls to say it out loud, here goes:

I DO NOT care who you are screwing – if you are old enough to be bumping uglies, you are old enough to pay for it. DO NOT expect me to pay for birth control (or the murder of the resulting child), condoms (or the STD you are bound to contract – and yes, that includes AIDS – Thirty years is long enough to figure out how to NOT spread the disease). AND if you sign onto the welfare rolls with one child – that is all I will pay for. Have as many as you wish, but you will have to get a job to support them.

I DO NOT care how much student debt you had to take on to get your degree in women’s studies. It was YOUR decision to spend 6 years of your life persuing a Bachelor’s degree that is not worth the paper it is printed on. And DO NOT expect me to feel sorry and bail you out of your mortgage. Adults read contracts before they sign them and are held to them. If you made poor financial decisions, they are your problem. Grow up and pay your bills.

CAPITALISM is  GOOD. SOCIALISM is EVIL. Do I need to repeat that for the slower readers? Capitalism is GOOD. The ONLY fair system that man has ever come up with. In America, a child can be born dirt poor and work their way to massive wealth. Socialism is EVIL. Point to a single society where it has worked. It doesn’t. All it manages to do is strip the humanity from the people who are trying to get or keep cushy government jobs. I dream of more for my sons. I dream of a system that will let them determine through their own hard work what their futures will be.

It is time for ‘conservative’ media to put on their big people pants and stop apologizing. If it looks like a slut and talks like a slut, then it must be a slut.

Left’s Orwellian Censorship Campaign » Publications » Family Security Matters.


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