Shocker: Several muslim countries breeding, selling children as suicide bombers

by Kal El on May 24, 2011

What better way to prevent civilized Western forces from killing an exploding jihadi? Do the same thing as the Vietcong scum, and use kids. If the soldiers defend themselves, they are baby killers. If they do not, they get blown up for allah. Either way, we’re damned.

Saudi, Gulf States Fund Sale of Children Trained as Terrorists & Suicide Bombers

We’ve reported on the selling of children for Jihad before– but this latest Wikileaks cable adds much substance to suspicions as to where the money comes from:
Donors in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are estimated to have been sending up to $100 million annually to radical Islamic schools in Pakistan that back extremist groups, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable.
The cable alleged that financial aid for a “sophisticated jihadi recruitment network” was coming from “missionary” and “Islamic charitable” organisations in the Gulf, ostensibly with the direct support of the Saudi and UAE governments.
The 2008 cable, purportedly sent by an officer at the US consulate in Lahore, was obtained by WikiLeaks and published by Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper on Sunday.
Asked to respond to the report, a Saudi foreign ministry spokesman, Osama Nugali, said: “Saudi Arabia issued a statement from day one that we are not going to comment on any WikiLeaks reports because Saudi Arabia is not responsible for these reports and we are not sure about their authenticity.”
Saudi Arabia, the US and Pakistan heavily supported the Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet occupation in the 1980s.
Armed groups subsequently mushroomed in the region, and extremists moved to Pakistan’s northwest tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan.
Since then there has been a growing link between groups there and in Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, where the recruitment network is alleged to have existed.
In recent years, extremist groups have been carrying out suicide bombings seemingly at will in Pakistan, despite military offensives against their strongholds.
The cable described how “families with multiple children” and “severe financial difficulties” were being exploited for recruitment purposes, Dawn reported.
Families would be approached by “supposedly charitable” groups, and clerics would then offer to educate thier children and “find them employment in the service of Islam”.
Martyrdom was later discussed, the cable alleged, with parents offered a final cash payment estimated at $6,500 by local sources. Recruits “chosen for jihad” would then be taken to “indoctrination camps”.
The discovery that Osama bin Ladenwas living in a Pakistani town not far from Islamabad until he was killed in a raid by US forces earlier this month has severely damaged ties between Washington and Islamabad.
US lawmakers and senior American officials have said before that Saudi donors and charities were still directing financial support to extremists in the region, including in Afghanistan.
But the cable was notable because it indicated that financial support was now reaching a once moderate area of southern Pakistan that observers had been warning was becoming more radical.
Dawn published other US cables on Saturday indicating that Pakistan’s government had called for the US to step up drone strikes, and asked for US special forces troops to be embedded at Pakistani military bases in the country’s tribal region.
The Pakistani army denied those reports.
You’re unlikely to hear much about this in the Western media or from politicians, either. They are likely to be too busy fèting the lazy, over-moneyed Saudi and Gulf Arab Oil Ticks, with an eye to lining their own pockets.
In the meantime, while these robed criminals are being given the red carpet treatment by our élites, they are simultaneously using some of the money we hand over to them to Islam’s war against us – lavishing billions on a range of Jihad initiatives – from Anti-Israel ‘Middle East Studies’ University courses and Professorships to brand new Jihad barracks mosques in infidel countries- and now, we hear, the selling of the children of poor Pakistanis (and probably Afghanis too); to be trained to blow themselves to pieces in the name of Allah.
Meanwhile, ordinary hardworking people who are just beginning to wake up to this treacherous hypocrisy and corruption – will no doubt be told to stop being so ‘Islamophobic™’ for speaking out against it.
[Source: al-Jazeera]


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