What a crazy week!

This week has been ‘off the hook’!! My youngest son has been sick – which involved a trip to the doctor’s office, as well as a visit to the  emergency room. Both jobs have me working long hours AND the world is coming apart at the seams!

Who in their right mind would think it a good idea to allow school bus drivers to search children? Probably the same people who think the TSA playing grab-ass is stopping terrorism. I have an idea! Lets let the bus drivers play grab-ass with the teachers! I am sure it will cut down on cheating! It makes perfect sense. The TSA grabs a crotch and planes stay in the air. Bus drivers grab a boobie and students pass state exams!

Our amazing leader made another inspired speach this week. Of course he was 30 minutes late and threw Israel under the bus. What more do you want from him? He operates on his own time schedule – he is afterall far more important than anyone else! And what do those darn jews want anyway? The right to exist? Peace and safety? How can the world allow such a thing when the poor Palestinians live in such retched conditions that they can only devote millions to the buying of munitions? Bombs and the vests used to strap them to young boys are not cheap! And the families of those boys have to be paid. Religous enthusiasm only goes so far. Cold hard cash makes burying your son in a trash bag all the more appealling!

I can not express how annoyed I am by Senator John McCain. Why in the world would those living in Arizona vote for such a fussy old woman? I understand that he was indeed tortured. That the years spent in Southeast Asia were horrific. What the Vietcong did to US POWs was TORTURE. However, the enhanced interrogation of  TERRORISTS at the hands of the CIA was not torture. And it is enough to make my stomach turn listening to that old maid in breeches scold the men who are entrusted with the safety of this nation. Misrepresenting the vital information that was obtained due to the enhanced interrogation of high level detainees is a game best played by liberal pussies. The RINO in panties should leave smearing the CIA to the professionals.

Say it aint so! Libtards are speaking harshly of their messiah? Is the world about to spin off of its axis? No. The media elite – who are the only ones who should be allowed to tell the people what to think – are only a little miffed with the King. Surprisingly, they are not upset over the lack of foreign policy, looming economic disaster, no boarder security or amnesty. It seems the liberal whiners are pitching hissies because the One has not gone far enough! Damn the economy, the environment is more important than whether people survive. Stop worrying about the First Amendment! Evil American Corporations will donate money PUBLICLY to the candidates that they feel will represent their interests! How can the under priviledged world take us seriously if we stand behind the barbaric Second Amendment? We have to show despots and dictators that freedom means putting your trust in your government to keep you safe.

AHHH! What a week it has been. If the Rapture does not happen this weekend, I will see you all next week. If the rapture happens, I will only see most of you. Norrine, make sure you put in a good word with the big guy for me! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!   ~Thinking…


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