Happy Easter

I was going to use today’s post to whine and complain about the cost of things.

 The basket of food that I was spending about $120 on is costing me closer to $150. That extra $30 hurts. I am forgoing the little pleasures that may not be very good for you, but are a nice treat at the end of a hard day. Diet Pepsi, my second favorite drink, is one of those things that I am learning to leave on the store shelf.

I drive a Kia. It is a tiny, gas efficient car. Today, $30 worth of gas filled the tank about half way. I have never been much of a car person. A big, showy SUV would never fit into the way I chose to live my life. Besides when gas was $2 agallon I could not imagine how much it would take to fill on of those beasts. At nearly $4, I would be figuring out a way to get my groceries home using one of the boy’s skateboards!

As I drove to work, I realized that I was biting my lower lip as I worried about the rising costs. There are a few ‘luxuries’ that I will be giving up as the costs of living continue to rise. Navigating the trafific, I ordered the things that I will be giving up. Some, like Diet Pepsi, would be fairly simple. Others, more difficult.

Then it hit me. What an incredible brat I am. I am truly blessed to have 2 jobs. I am still able to feed and house my children. My bills are paid and I do not have creditors calling me. The increase in prices will make me give up a few small pleasures, but I am a long way from not being able to care for my family.


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