Who is John Galt?

Each day I have been sort of picking a theme. Today I am having a hard time even wrapping my head around what is happening. Hence the title of today’s post.  How is it that we have come this far down the path to ruin?

Each and every American can recount where exactly they were and what they were doing on 9/11. I was watching the end of ‘Good Morning America ‘ while I waited for my mother to arrive. We were going to a used bookstore that had recently opened in the area. With both of us being voracious readers, we were anxious to immerse ourselves in our drug of choice. (Mother has since graduated to the hard stuff – video games).

The end of the broadcast was interrupted by news that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. The news was delivered as only a television news anchor can. ‘A plane has hit the World Trade Center probably a small single engine plane that was off course…’ We all know that it was not a random accident. The vast majority of us would spend the next hours and days glued to our televisions. We would watch as 3000+ of our country men lost their lives in the Towers, at the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania.

The days following 9/11 were filled with prayers for the families of the victims and for the continued safety of the brave men who climbed through the wreckage searching for any who may have survived. Hope and pride and the determination of a nation showed in those brave faces. You had to look quite a bit closer to see the shear horror in their eyes. Those brave souls did indeed bring living victims out of the rubble long after the world had given up hope. They were also the ones that came face to face with the carnage. It was through their selfless efforts that the pieces and parts of what had been citizens of this great country were brought out of the distruction.

The currrent administration has decided to equate these brave men with terrorists. I am not quite sure how you make that leap. Evil men followed their Satan god and his perverted, pedophile messenger to murder 3000+ innocent people.  Brave, heroic men waded into hell to reclaim the living and to help lay the dead to rest.  What kind of twisted logic do you have to use to equate the two? Anyone who can confidently link them has taken a giant step back from what makes us human.

Telling a private company where they can build a plant is really not that big of a leap. The adminstration has spent the last few years convincing the country that up is down, right is wrong, heroes are terrorists. Of course it is this administration alone that holds the brain power to be able to run the world and manage every detail of your life all from the golf course.

What can you say about the condition of this country? The world?

Who is John Galt?


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