Is it time to say ‘enough’?

More and more often there are newspaper reports of little infringes on our Constitutional rights. It appears that the average citizen shrugs off these transgressions, giving them little thought. Their attention is commanded by making a living, paying bills, raising children. It is understandable that people will assume that the politicians they help to put in office will be watch dogs of their rights so they can go about the business of living.

My favorite conspiracy theorist – and eldest son – would map you out a view of the world that clearly shows that the lack of attention to detail is a planned attack on our rights. Those with a view of ruling a one world government have been quietly stripping the protections of the Bill of Rights from US citizens .  The Federal Reserve has been a tool of  an international banking cartel that has been stealthily moving the world to accept one world currency.

My sister with her newly awakened political zeal will attribute the slow but steady errosion of our rights to the uncontrolled greed of our elected officials. She sees long term politicians – Democrat and Republican alike – as greedy for not only wealth but power and glory. In their lust for all the political spoils they have, without hesitation, thrown those that they are suppose to represent under the bus.

What is the truth? Are we on a crash course with a future that will look  like the former Soviet Union? Will all the shenanigans that has been going on behind the scenes in Washington plunge us into a depression that will make the 1930’s look like a picnic? Will our children even remember enough of our Constitution to realize that we stole from them the greatest of all gifts – freedom?

I am sure that this moment in history is a teachable moment. Parents have to take the time to teach their children the fundimentals of our society. They can not rely on federally funded schools to teach anything other than what they are told to teach. The founders of this country were HEROES. They brought into existance a style of government that the world had never seen. With it came unparalelled prosperity and freedom. This is truly an exceptional nation populated by exceptional people.

It is time for the average citizen to read these stories in their newspapers without shrugging away their intent. If we expect our children to enjoy the freest most properous nation to have ever existed we must fight to preserve it for them. We must make the sacrifices that we are not willing to force upon the next generation. We have to let the world know that we will NOT perpetuate the bad policies of our parents. We will NOT force upon future generations the bills for our excesses. We will NOT allow the Bill of Rights to be hollowed out. We will NOT become slaves to this government while paying lip service to preserving freedom.


One thought on “Is it time to say ‘enough’?

  1. Hey, I am trying this again I hope it goes this time, I said in the first one that I was happy to see you writing again. You are good at it – now we need to promote this blog so that people can hear what you have to say

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