We The People…Will Pay for Your Irresponsibility

Panned Parenthood: Pro-Lifers Slam ObamaCare Sham

Only 13% of Americans told CBS that they had personally benefited from Obama’s policies. As Ken Blackwell quipped, we had no idea that many people worked for Planned Parenthood! In fact, the President’s new health care law is such a gold mine for Cecile Richards’s group that she publicly thanked Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) with Planned Parenthood’s highest honor–the Champion for Women’s Health award. Because of Pelosi, Planned Parenthood is about to cash in on its biggest level of government funding yet. And in at least two states, the funding has already started. More than $197 million has been tagged for the killing of unborn children in New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

As the health care bucks start trickling in, Planned Parenthood seems increasingly worried about losing them. Over the weekend, Richards sent out a panicked alert to supporters trying to protect the money allocated for abortions in the high-risk insurance pools. When the National Right to Life Committee followed the paper trail and pointed out that the Obama administration was secretly forcing taxpayers to finance its abortion agenda under the health care law, officials at Health and Human Services (HHS) argued that the President’s Executive Order wouldn’t allow it. Planned Parenthood immediately fired back, insisting that a meaningless Order couldn’t trump the actual legislation. “This decision has no basis in the law and flies in the face of the intent of the high-risk pools that were meant to meet the medical needs of some of the most vulnerable women in this country.” Like us, they know that there’s absolutely no stopping HHS from funding abortion, because the language banning it never made it into the final bill. At the time of the Executive Order, both Planned Parenthood and FRC said it wouldn’t do a single thing to protect life–so Richards is rightfully ignoring it now.

Meanwhile, Democrats for Life and Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) are slamming organizations like ours for exposing the truth. Like some of the questionable “pro-life” Democrats who voted for the bill, DFL is feeding us the line that Obama’s Order magically blocks HHS from funding abortions. Hardly. The Pennsylvania plan specifically lists abortion as a covered service on page 14. Doctors are allowed to perform any abortion they deem “necessary” without bothering to define what “necessary” means. In New Mexico, HHS claims that the high risk pool program will only pay for abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. But that’s not what the state’s website says. On page 2, its high risk pool plan explicitly includes coverage of elective abortion.

Regardless of how they spin it, liberals knew that the bill funded abortion when the President signed it. At the end of the day, some pro-life Democrats voted “no,” and they should be congratulated. But the Stupaks of the world, who continue to turn a blind eye to the truth, need to hear from their constituents. That’s the only way to hold politicians accountable.


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