Show me the money!

Lazio Calls on Cuomo to Probe Funds for Mosque 1010 WINS
NEW YORK (1010 WINS/AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio wants his Democratic rival, Andrew Cuomo, to investigate the development of a $100 million mosque being planned near ground zero.

Lazio says he’s concerned that not enough is known about the funding of the project. He says that Cuomo, as attorney general, has the authority to investigate the project because Cuomo’s office has jurisdiction over nonprofit organizations in New York.

Cuomo has said he supports the mosque’s construction.

Lazio refused to say whether he opposes the construction of any mosque so close to the Sept. 11 terror attack site.

He said he was concerned specifically about the lack of information about the project’s funding.

A message left with Cuomo’s office was not immediately returned Wednesday.
Support candidates who stand for America and the rule of law, and against Islamic supremacism.


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