Slow down Pelosi only has 2 hands

I have heard of suicide by cop. This is like national suicide by politician.

Tony Perkins

FRC Action Update June 14, 2010

Rushing to Gomorrah

Hang on, radical special interest groups! Congress can only destroy the culture one bill at a time. At Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) weekly press conference, the House leader urged patience when homosexuals pressed her to move on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). First things first, Pelosi insisted. “…[W]e still have to finish ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Speaker replied. “We were able to pass the bill with a 40-vote majority in the House of Representatives… before the break… But our work is not finished in that regard, so one thing at a time. ENDA is a personal priority for me,” she promised, “and I [understand] the focus for that, but because the defense bill came up now, we did ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ first. But we want to finish that.”

Meanwhile , the policy that Pelosi wants to finish — or, more accurately, finish off


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