Gender Reassignment by Passport?

Tony Perkins’

FRC Action Update June 14, 2010

Have Drag, Will Travel

Forget something on your trip… like your gender? No problem. Under new rules adopted by the State Department, travelers don’t have to know who they are — or even what they are — to get a passport. Starting last Thursday, cross-dressers no longer need to undergo “sexual reassignment” surgery to change the gender listed on their passports. A doctor’s note is all it takes to go from “M” to “F” and back again. Officials say the new policy was made “to coincide with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.” (Apparently, we’re now relaxing U.S. security standards in conjunction with P.C. holidays.)

Although there was precious little about the change in the mainstream news, this is a major concession that affects all Americans. Passports are intended to be the most secure identification that our country offers. How can the people assigned to keep us safe do so when a possible suspect could be described as either “a man or a woman” depending on how they feel at that particular time? Florida officials voiced similar concerns back in 2002 when a Muslim woman insisted on wearing a burka in her driver’s license photo. She lost her challenge in court over security concerns. Why? Because it’s impossible to protect Americans when we let people hide their true identities. Unfortunately, this administration believes that safety isn’t as important as “self-discovery.” By letting people create their own realities, Washington is losing is grip on its own.


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