Rand Paul

Rand Paul—Libertarian Whacko!
June 7, 2010 by Bob Livingston

Rand Paul is a kook. He’s a whacko. He’s a racist. He’s so far right he’s gone to the left.
Those are just a few of the pejoratives thrown at Paul, the Republican nominee for Senator in Kentucky. Expect more to come.
Paul took his liberty-loving message to the voters in Kentucky and beat back the Republican establishment. Mitch McConnell, Dick Cheney; say hello to Rand and the face of the new conservatism and the Tea Party. Say goodbye to party hacks and insiders like Trey Grayson.
That’s Paul’s message. “I have a message from the Tea Party,” he said on election night. “We’ve come to take our country back.”
And for that he’s greeted with some of the same slurs directed at Tea Party members: whacky, kooky, racist. The establishment elites have little else in their arsenal.
On Fox News’ Special Report, contributor and National Public Radio correspondent Mara Liason could scarcely hide her disdain for Paul the day after his primary victory.
He’s “too far to the right. Too whacky. He’s so far to the right that Mitch McConnell couldn’t,” Liason said, before the neocon Tucker Carlson interrupted with a “Come on…”
But Liason wasn’t finished. “He’s against the patriot act, against the war in Iraq and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve. He’s so far right he’s coming around to the left. Okay, he’s a Libertarian whacko, not a right wing whacko.” she continued.
Heaven forfend. Oppose the USA PATRIOT Act? Oppose the war in Iraq? Want to end the Federal Reserve? Whacky!
The media also tried to smear him with the tried and true “he’s a racist” charge, both before and after the election. It started with a Kentucky newspaper’s editorial board hitting him with what it thought was a “gotcha” question about the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
“Do you support the Civil Rights Act?” the board asked. Certainly they asked the same question of the other candidates, since civil rights is such a hot topic these days.
Paul gave a very reasoned response, especially considering the act was passed when Paul was still learning to walk and, as far as I can remember, has not been under threat of repeal in the 46 years since.
He’s against institutional racism, he said. He’s against the Federal government discriminating on the basis of race—or for any other reason—and he’s against entities that are public (take Federal funds) discriminating. He wouldn’t belong to a club or organization that discriminated. He wouldn’t patronize a business that discriminated. But he did not think the Federal government should tell a private business how to operate. That’s an option best left to the individual running the business… or to local or state government to deal with.
Kooky! So the paper branded him a racist.
On MSNBC Rachel Maddow continued to hammer Paul on the racism charge. Again, in a reasoned and calm voice he said that he opposed institutional racism but didn’t believe the Federal government should intrude on private business. So, there was one provision out of the 10 in the Act that he would have liked to have had a discussion on—if he was capable of having a discussion on the act in 1964… when he was 1 year old.
Of course, it’s all a red herring, as Paul told Maddow during her interview.
Maddow couldn’t care one whit whether Paul supported the Civil Rights Act, and if he had done back flips in saying he was for it before he was against it, Maddow wouldn’t have cared. That’s because she thought she had her hooks in Paul and that she could land him and gut him like a fish.
Because that’s what the establishment elites want to do with anyone who threatens the status quo. That’s Rand Paul, his father Ron and all of you who consider yourself Tea Party members. If you rock the boat they’re going to try and gut you. That’s why, Tea Party members and Paul—Rand and Ron—supporters, they’re going to do everything they can to demean and dispirit you and try to make you feel like you’re a nut for cherishing liberty.
And the more you rock the more determined they are to get out the gutting knife. And the attacks don’t just come from the left. Michael Steele, the clown running the Republican’s dysfunctional circus, said he’s “not comfortable” with Paul’s position which is “misplaced in these times.”
Steele cautioned that Paul would have to “temper his views” to be accepted by the party. Several establishment Republicans—fascists all—echoed Steele’s remarks. I doubt Paul cares whether the party establishment invites him to their social events or even “accepts” him. Obviously his father doesn’t.
Of course it was Steele’s underlings who were caught spending Republican Party money—that is donated money from party supporters—on strip joints and fetish clubs. And it was Steele and his ilk that got behind losers like Grayson, Utah Senator Robert Bennett (knocked off in a primary) and Florida Governor Charlie Crist (left Republican Party after trailing Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio). And it was Steele who has been slammed for his lavish spending practices since being elected chairman of the Republican National Committee.
And it’s the majority of that same party that helped pass the USA PATRIOT Act and economy-wrecking “stimulus bills” and has only reluctantly—under pressure from Tea Party activists—offered even nominal support to Representative Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) bill to audit the Fed.
So, oppose the USA PATRIOT Act—which effectively voids the 4th Amendment and gives Federal agents and police officers the authority to write their own search warrants and snoop on private conversations, which makes almost any crime an act of terrorism and restricts or denies Americans due process—and you’re a kook.
Oppose an undeclared war against a country that had not attacked United States interests and that was contained under United Nations sanctions and you’re whacky.
Oppose the Federal Reserve, a private entity owned by an unaccountable secret cabal that steals the wealth of Americans, creates fiat money willy-nilly, leads the nation into depression and makes wars on foreign soil possible—well that’s really whacky.
Believe the Federal government is intrusive when it sticks its nose into the operation of a private business, thereby denying freedom of association, and you’re racist.
Oppose government bailouts of private corporations and try to reign in an out-of-control Congress—well, there are just no words to describe the kooky, whacky, racism in that idea.
That’s rocking the boat and spoiling the party of the fascists in power. That’s why, Tea Party members and liberty lovers, you and Rand Paul are the establishment elite’s public enemy No. 1.
After all, to the establishment, loving freedom and the republic established by our wise Founding Fathers and outlined in the Constitution is just plain whacky!


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